“The Exquisite Cooking Contest at Binh Dinh Import Export Co., Ltd”

On the afternoon of August 5th at 3 pm, preceding the gala night celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the company’s establishment, Binh Dinh Import Export Co., Ltd hosted an enticing cooking contest.

The exciting cooking contest at Binh Dinh Import Export Co.Ltd not only introduces refreshing moments amidst work hours but also serves as a stage for everyone to express their passion for cuisine and culinary skills. This event, elegantly titled “Epicurean Elevation”, has ignited the enthusiastic participation from all company staff, with wild pork being the primary ingredient. It has given birth to unique dishes such as:

“Rustic Allure: SUP TIEN VUA”

“Natural Beauty: GOI NHI VI”

“Taste of the Homeland: HEO CHAY LEN RUNG”

“Sunlit Radiance: THIT NUONG HOANG KIM”

“Fragrance Flavour: TIEM LAI BAO NGOC”


The contest transcends the traditional cooking competition, placing emphasis not just on producing delicious dishes but also fostering creativity and teamwork. This has cultivated a jovial and cooperative workspace where everyone can learn, share, and collectively progress.

At Binh Dinh Import Export Co., Ltd, we prioritize not only work but also the creation of an enjoyable, inventive, and inspiring work environment. Join us in the anticipation of upcoming contests and events to enjoy top-tier experiences.

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“Victorious Delight: The Winning Dish, TIEM LAI BAO NGOC”

“Teams Triumph: The Cash Prize Winners of the Cooking Contest”

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