On the morning of August 5th, A Chau Binh Dinh Import and Export Co., Ltd successfully held an event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the Tay Son Plant. This important milestone symbolizes the comprehensive growth of A Chau Binh Dinh in terms of scale and workforce. Additionally, this event was a moment for the company to extend deep gratitude to our dedicated partners and customers who have accompanied A Chau Binh Dinh throughout this journey.

The celebration was hosted at the company’s headquarters, attended by all current employees, former employees, and shareholders who have significantly contributed to the company’s development since its early days. The event unfolded in a solemn, warm, and jubilant atmosphere.

The ceremony commenced with a speech by Mr. Danny, CEO of A Chau. On behalf of the Board of Directors of A Chau Binh Dinh Import and Export Co., Ltd, he recalled the company’s history and growth, while acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the collective contribution of all employees who have been and are accompanying the company in the current period. He extended special thanks to former employees and shareholders who walked with A Chau during its early developmental stages fraught with many difficulties.

Following the opening remarks was the ceremonial toast, during which Mr. Danny outlined the upcoming direction for the company and facilitated exchanges between different departments and members within the company.

A Chau Binh Dinh Import and Export Co., Ltd was officially founded by Mr. Danny along with co-founders and shareholders. The company moved to the Go Cay Industrial Zone in Tay Son in September 2020. In 2021, the company completed the construction of the factory and officially inaugurated its operation. A Chau operates in the field of furniture processing, with its main focus on processing synthetic rattan products for export to countries like the Philippines, Italy, Germany, Korea, and for domestic market as well.


After many years of working and accumulating experience, in September 2020,Mr. Danny and other shareholders with shared vision and determination, came together to establish Á Châu Bình Định Import and Export Co., Ltd., operating in the field of synthetic rattan products manufacturing and processing.

In 2014, Mr. Danny participated in an Industrial and Trade Fair, where he achieved high accolades during the closing ceremony.

To date, the company has been operating in the industry for 12 years, and has somewhat affirmed its position in the field of synthetic rattan furniture production in general, and in the hearts of partners and customers in particular. Over the course of 12 years, A Châu has become what it is today, thanks to the solidarity and collective effort of all leaders and employees, along with the trust and accompaniment of valued customers and partners. We hope that in the coming time, we will bring to our customers and partners, core and sustainable values.

Once again, A Châu would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all employees, esteemed guests, partners, and customers who have accompanied A Châu on our journey thus far and will continue to do so in the future. Your support allows us to grow and succeed even more.

Here’s to the continued success and development of A Châu!

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